…better than 85% of individuals with sex offense convictions, function safely in society without reoffending

The uncontroverted field research on sex offense recidivism, for the past thirty years, has demonstrated that the 5-10 year recidivism rates for those with sex offense convictions ranges from 5% to 15%. Commentators have criticized such studies as not accounting for unreported offenses, which, they argue make up a substantial proportion of all sex offenses committed. However, nearly all research on underreporting of sex offenses, is based on case study reports where victims report much later in life on a prior victimization, almost always involving a perpetrator who had not yet been caught. Because of the publicity associated with sex offenses, and the ease with which individuals can verify someone’s status as a sex offender, underreporting of sex offenses involving a repeat offender can be expected to be considerable lower than for the undiscovered offender.  Indeed, to date there have been no research studies identifying the underreporting rate of sex offenses committed by repeat offenders.


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