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  1. Dismissed bs says:

    I am currently on psl. I violated my parole 3-30-15. I was revoked and had to do a year. I maxed out the year and was told by the board that I would be referred to a shelter upon release for placement. Instead when I reported to parole I was taken to a halfway house. (geo newark) I was told by my p.o that if I refused that I’d be violated again. The doors are locked and the windows are barred. I had to submit to a blackout period and am only allowed out to work. I requested to go for public assistance and was denied that even by this place. I am still locked up. What should I do?

  2. Patricia Shipley says:

    I’m trying to ascertain if a law was signed into effect converting C.S.L. to P.S.L. I would appreciate any guidance you can offer.

    • Blog Moderator says:

      Apologies for not seeing this post sooner, but have been busy with assisting others with legal and reentry issues and haven’t check the site recently. No there is no law that has changed CSL to PSL. In fact, such a law would be unconstitutional as it would constitute an ex post facto violation (changing a law that affects punishment, after one has been sentenced).

      What has happened, is that those under CSL who commit a new sex offense will be sentenced to PSL under that new offense. Among the offenses that can trigger placing you under PSL is violating CSL. So if you are under CSL, you only get to stay under CSL as long as you don’t violate any of the terms of your parole. If you do, and are convicted of the violation, you spend the rest of your life under PSL.

      Hope that helps clear things up for you.

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