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This forum is intended for individuals with sex offense convictions who are subject to Megan’s Law restrictions, as well as for their family and friends. Issues related to assignment to Tier Level, community notification, electronic bracelets, registration, the Internet Registry, etc. are appropriate for this forum. Of particular interest would be stories of how Megan’s Law has impacted and affected the lives of those with sex offense convictions and their family members who have suffered negative consequences as a result of the law.

Retroactive GPS-Monitoring of Sex Offenders Ruled Unconstitutional

Retroactive GPS-Monitoring Ruled Unconstitutional by New Jersey Supreme Court Continue reading

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This Blog page is for discussion of concerns and/or questions regarding Megan’s Law

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Governor Signs Bill Requiring All Compulsive/Repetitive Offenders to be Published on Sex Offender Internet Registry

On January 14, 2014, Governor Chris Christie signed S276 which, among other requirements, stipulates that any sex offender found compulsive and repetitive at the time of sentencing (most of whom were sentenced to the Adult Diagnostic & Treatment Center [ADTC] … Continue reading

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